Community and Social Media Management

I specialize in integrating community building, social media and SEO strategies into every proactive program I develop. This is because I have always been an early user – and an early reviewer and promoter – of new media technologies and platforms.

In fact, I am often recognized as being among the first wave of communications professionals to successfully incorporate new and social media strategies and tactics into results-driven proactive marketing and public relations programs.

My blended approach to proactive communications – which outlines how every media platform can play an important role in meeting positioning objectives – was launched in 2006.

Since then I’ve analyzed and worked with hundreds of social tools, networking, sharing, and community sites to stay on top of the continuously evolving social media industry and to ensure I am always maximizing client community management, relationship building, visibility and message placement opportunities.

My daily approach to social media on behalf of my clients is always based on well defined goals and tends to focus on answering the questions “What do I want to say on behalf of my clients today?” and “What audience do I want to target?”

Answering these questions has proven to provide the ammunition required for developing some extremely engaging conversations and a framework for creating and distributing a steady stream of fresh social media content.

I often serve as the social media voice and personality of the organizations and initiatives I support. Other times, I work behind the scenes with communities and influencers to deliver targeted and far-reaching community building and social media results.

I’ve recently posted a content development and marketing case study, which includes a few best practices for community building and a discussion on the importance of analytics, on my Driving the Fog Conversation blog. Read the case study here and check out the often fun-to-click-through content portfolio here. – Russ DeVeau

Have a question about community management or social media?  I am always happy to talk about best practices based on areas where I specialize in delivering results. Connect with me by email or on LinkedIn and Twitter.

In the meantime, take a look at several of my posts – including best practices and case studies – showcasing some of my experience in managing results-driven social media campaigns and programs.

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The image below is part of a proactive community management campaign I created when I was responsible for messaging and community building for RTI. The content follows the content style I launched in 2017 where messages stand out on any social media feed and on any device. – Russ DeVeau

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