I provide organizations with highly experienced short- and long-term community and social media management, content development, editorial, market research and strategic positioning support.

I’ve built my portfolio of services based on my extensive experience in delivering a wide range of branding, communications and competitive positioning results to clients around the world.

I often partner with clients to create, launch and manage new communications and marketing initiatives. Just as frequently, I partner to increase the effectiveness of existing programs.

No matter what the approach may be, my experience and portfolio of services help the organizations I support meet marketing goals quickly, strategically and cost effectively.

A list of some of the services I provide follows.

-Communications counsel and strategy

-Competitive positioning, market analysis and market research

-Executive, organization and product positioning

-Community building and management

-Editorial, story and key message development and placement

-Content development and marketing

-Graphic design and copywriting

-Proactive industry analyst, media and social media relations

-Integrated campaign development, implementation and management

-Spokesperson and social media best practices training

-Creative brainstorming and ideation

-Search engine optimization (SEO), best practices and integration

-Digital reputation management

-Regional, national and international influencer relationship building

-Digital advertising and analytics

-Event development, management and promotion

russ deveau fog computing fog world congress.JPG

The picture above is of a billboard that was part of the trendsetting and incredibly successful multimedia #thisisfog proactive positioning campaign I managed during my time leading community building and message development programs for the OpenFog Consortium. I wrote the copy for this fun series of billboards that were designed to drive awareness of fog computing and up the visibility of Fog World Congress among target markets in Silicon Valley.

I’ve recently posted a content development and marketing case study, which includes a few best practices and a discussion on the importance of analytics, on my Driving the Fog Conversation blog. Read the case study here and check out the often fun-to-click-through content portfolio here. – Russ DeVeau