A few content development and marketing (with a little graphic design) best practices

I’ve recently tweaked my Design, Copy and Content page to include some of the trendsetting advertising and content development and marketing strategies I’ve developed during my career to date.

The page features some best practices and tips community managers, content development and social media teams may be able to leverage to beef up their own proactive marketing programs.

A couple entries from the page follow.

openfog womeninfog russ deveau twitter russ deveau blog

I created the piece above during my time developing content and messages for the OpenFog Consortium and OpenFog’s Fog World Congress. The image went through many revisions based on a few different campaigns and proactive marketing programs I was working on at the time. I used a version as key content for Fog World Congress, another version to regularly showcase women working within the OpenFog Consortium and a third version to tie women working in technology to the IoT space. This widely circulated image has frequently been at the top of the #womenintech and #womeniniot feeds.

russell deveau design russ deveau social media

The image above is part of a series of content I created for a proactive campaign designed to drive client visibility in IoT and edge and fog computing. This widely shared and hugely successful series focused on leveraging logos, hashtags and images to tie RTI to some of the most important trends and stories in the Industry 4.0 space.

Check out the updated and continuously evolving page here.

What do you think? Do the ads, content and images work based on the strategies and tactics I’ve included in post descriptions? Let me know your thoughts by sending a comment or two my way using email or social media.

I’m always interested in discussing best practices with other professionals and with students, teachers and content development enthusiasts worldwide. – Russ DeVeau