What was the first video you uploaded to YouTube?

Here’s an early version of one of mine!

I dug this out of a marketing file dated 2006/7 in honor of YouTube’s ten-year anniversary.

This video was from a time when I was managing global industry analyst and media relations for Liberty Alliance, working with senior spokespersons and technology teams from American Express, AOL, General Motors, HP, Intel, Oracle, NTT and a wide range of others to develop and proactively tell leadership and Web 2.0 stories in the digital identity management, security and privacy sectors.

It was also when I began incorporating the relatively new YouTube and other online sharing and social networking platforms into my portfolio of services to help clients better understand and leverage social media in proactive communications programs.

Nearly eight years after creating this video, I’ve helped numerous clients launch and manage successful video strategies and YouTube channels, YouTube has grown to over one billion users, and the message in this early Russ DeVeau promotional video remains spot-on. – Russ DeVeau