A jump into 2016 data center predictions

I retweeted a data center storage tweet from SanDisk last week. The tweet stood out in one of my data center feeds because it focused on 2016 predictions and because it was issued in September.

It was the first 2016 data center storage predictions tweet I’ve seen this year. Industry analysts release market share and sales predictions on a regular basis, but vendors and other organizations tend to issue this type of content in 4Q and often during the month of January.

Russ DeVeau blog SanDisk 2016 storage predictionsReleasing following-year predictions content early can be a very smart communications move. It’s a great way to take a leadership position in driving the 2016 predictions story and a great strategy for potentially integrating messages into stories and social media content that will likely be developed when competitors and influencers begin issuing their own 2016 trends and predictions news.

Do you have 2016 predictions news on your 4Q content calendar? Will you release earlier next year? – Russ DeVeau