a #flashbackfriday holiday greeting

My holiday greeting content this year includes a few ads I developed during my undergraduate years at Central Connecticut Statue University (CCSU) where I earned a degree in communications and marketing.

This is when I was working as the advertising and promotional manager at the Comet, one of Connecticut’s most unique restaurants and alternative dance clubs.

The Comet was located in a stylish and tastefully restored Art Deco diner – the original home of the Aetna Diner – on Farmington Avenue in Hartford.

The dance club was on the lower level of the diner and was often compared to Studio 54 in New York City.

I came across a series of these fun ads in a Provincetown attic box where they were stored for nearly 15 years. The ads were published in a wide range of media outlets in Boston, Hartford and New Haven.

I am still a fan of this ad. I like the layout and the simple and somewhat elegant black and white design.

Barring a few tweaks based on today’s graphic and production technologies, there’s not much I would change about this ad if I were promoting the Comet in print and on social media today.

The piece generally follows my best practices for generating social media results, which include ensuring messages stand out and are easy to read on any feed and from any device.

With this post I’m wishing everyone – especially those who remember the Comet – a very happy holiday season.

Take a look at my design, content and copy page for more on my design philosophies and a few social media best practices I’ve developed during my career to date. – Russ DeVeau

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