A great community with a great data center and enterprise cloud story to tell!

With nearly a decade of experience supporting leading global consortia such as Climate Savers Computing Initiative, Concordia Project, Java Verified, Kantara Initiative, Liberty Alliance, OpenLiberty.org and Unified Testing Initiative, I’m honored to be working now with Open Data Center Alliance.

ODCA is a member-driven organization where hundreds of companies from around the world are working together to develop open, interoperable standards for secure cloud computing. ODCA leadership includes representation from BMW, Capgemini, China Unicom, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase, Lockheed Martin, Marriott International, Inc., National Australia Bank, NTT Data, T-Systems, Terremark, UBS and Disney Technology Solutions and Services. Intel serves as technical advisor to ODCA.



I’ll be in Paris with this group of IT experts later this month to help spread the word about the benefits of ODCA membership and to discuss the many incredible successes ODCA has realized to date. – Russ DeVeau


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