Innovation in the era of #COVID 19

It’s great to see so many organizations in the technology sector jump into tackling COVID-related healthcare issues with a wide range of new applications and services.

I’ve highlighted several of these innovative applications on Twitter. The growing list includes AI helping to speed COVID test results, a friendly robot that teaches kids how to wash their hands, robots that sanitize hospitals and robots that offer companionship to high-risk elderly patients confined to healthcare facilities.

I agree with the many industry experts who are stating that the global pandemic will be a huge factor in driving the next wave of digital transformation.

We’ve already seen employers implement work at home strategies, schools move to distance learning, online eCommerce activities surge and museums and theaters offer streaming and virtual displays of collections and performances.

It will be interesting to see the applications that come next as people worldwide get used to many of these new living and working norms.

In the meantime, we all need to stay safe and help others where and when we can. Here’s hoping the virus passes quickly and the new norms bring new opportunities to everyone. – Russ DeVeau

russ deveau twitter image via siemens russell deveau blog