Proactive in London

Russ DeVeau proactive in london Russell DeVeau #nyc #newyorkcityWhen one of my communications goals includes generating media and social media coverage in Europe, I often start by looking for strategic opportunities in London. This is because London is an important communications center for bridging regions, time zones and English and non-English speaking markets.

I’ve found that when I allow an important news story to break early in the day in the UK, news services and influencers located in other European countries will often pick that story up, translate it into the local language, and then release it in their own market and to their own social networking communities.

Coverage in the UK and across other European countries can often spark significant coverage in North America as influencers on the US East Coast begin their day by writing stories based on news that broke in Europe overnight. Depending on the target audience and exact nature of the news, this coverage cycle could very well continue throughout time zones worldwide.

A plan that includes clear goals and objectives should be in place before issuing and pitching news and stories. But if coverage in Europe is a goal based on news or storytelling initiatives, London can be a great place to start proactive activities. – Russ DeVeau