Speaking of design…

I’ve just updated russdeveaudesign.com, a site where I present some of my original designs in art gallery and residential spaces, discuss some of my design philosophies and present a case study on a one-of-a-kind architectural remodel I managed several years ago.

russ deveau design provincetown fort lauderdale new york russell deveau design

The photo above is from the case study I include on the site. This was an incredibly fun residential project where I had great clients and almost unlimited creative freedom. Check out the case study here and my design bio here. – Russ DeVeau

What’s your content strategy?

Do you have a Content Strategy?I’ve long been a big advocate of the “content is king” message as a means to educate client teams on best practices for leveraging traditional and social media as part of a comprehensive communications program.

So as we head through 2Q I’m updating content calendars to complement a variety of planned communications activities. In a communications environment where traditional and social media play important roles, no communications plan is complete without regular content discussions.

In fact, the majority of my recent client brainstorming sessions have focused 100% on content development and marketing opportunities.

Content development discussions are the new norm. – Russ DeVeau