Russ DeVeau on communications and marketing for global standards bodies and technology consortia


After nearly a decade of partnering with global technology consortia, I understand the unique challenges and many exciting opportunities member-driven organizations have when it comes to realizing communications, membership and visibility objectives.

Partnering with standards bodies is always a rewarding experience for me, mainly because these organizations are made up of so many diverse, passionate and talented developer and technology teams.

These individuals – who are almost always from competing companies – come together under the umbrella of the organization to collaborate on the development of standards and best practices for addressing common technology and policy issues.

Many of my most successful product launches, executive positioning programs, industry analyst tours, press events, social media strategies and global integrated proactive campaigns have been developed while I have been working with technology consortia and standards bodies.

This is largely because these organizations are generally all about producing high-quality and extremely promotable content.

I’ve launched and managed proactive communications campaigns and executive positioning programs for Climate Savers Computing Initiative, Concordia Project, Java Verified, Kantara Initiative, Liberty Alliance, the Liberty SAML and SAML 2.0 Testing Programs,, Open Data Center Alliance and Unified Testing Initiative.

I’ve also had opportunity to partner with many other global member-driven organizations – such as Cloud Credential Council, the Green Grid, the Information Card Foundation and OASIS – on strategic marketing programs and on positioning and promoting events, output and members.

I know that when I work with standards bodies there is always something important to talk about, someone to showcase, and an innovation or strategic piece of output to promote. I also know that there are many incredibly hardworking and under recognized heroes in the global standards world.

It’s always an honor for me to help promote these individuals and their stories and work in regional, national and international markets. – Russ DeVeau