Ovum’s new U.S. office to focus on the digital economy opportunity

russ-deveau-strategic-global-industry-analyst-relationsWhen one of my communications goals includes generating media and social media coverage in Europe, I often start by looking for opportunities in London. I discuss this strategy in detail in my Proactive in London post.

If my communications strategy includes working with industry analysts in London, Ovum is always at the top of my proactive outreach list.

I’ve managed many briefings with Ovum analysts for clients positioning in the data center, enterprise cloud and digital identity management sectors. I appreciate the firm’s unique global perspective and trust the input Ovum analysts provide when giving feedback on client news, messaging and major positioning initiatives.

These are a couple of the reasons I was glad to see that Ovum is opening a U.S. office. It’s a significant move and one that provides new proactive opportunities for clients and organizations focused on digital economy initiatives. – Russ DeVeau

Update: This piece was originally posted on my blog back in June. Since then a few people have asked me if I have ever had a paid relationship with Ovum. The work I do with Ovum – and with other industry analyst firms – is based on proactive communications activities I initiate on behalf of my clients. I have never had a paid relationship with Ovum, or with any other industry analyst firm.