Russ DeVeau on the web

Russ DeVeau New Branding Website

I discussed how branding requirements and communications technologies and websites change and evolve over time in my Yahoo Pipes and Web 2.0 posts. This time around I’m discussing how my brand is evolving and my website is changing.

I’ll launch a new website loaded with case studies, content, best practices, news stories and interviews with some pretty interesting folks from the global communications and technology industries in 2016.

My first professional website was published over 15 years ago. Sadly, from a Russ DeVeau history point of view, this site was never archived.

My next site was launched over ten years ago with help from two fantastic interns I was working with at the time. This site remained active for several years and was archived.

I’ve posted a couple of screen shots – for old times’ sake – on Pinterest.

With great clients, exciting projects and new branding, I’m really looking forward to 2016! – Russ DeVeau