Maximizing visibility with the continuously evolving press release

I’ve talked and written a lot about how the press release is evolving and how I’ve been using press releases in proactive communications programs much differently today than I did five or ten years ago.

I discuss this trend in my Where’s the Quote and Hard and Soft News posts, which outline some of the best practices I’ve developed to help my clients successfully leverage the many new positioning and visibility opportunities associated with wire distributed content.

This press release caught my eye because it includes an important industry trend in the headline. It’s an example of how wire distributed content can be used to visibly tie an organization or an executive to a hot topic or trend.

The release was issued by Legrand, a company I am familiar with. I read the news because I follow the Internet of Things trend. I am almost certain I would not have clicked on this release if the company did not include the trend in the headline.

Internet of Things: Legrand Launches Eliot, its Program for Speeding up the Deployment of its Connected Devices Offering

Highlighting an important industry trend in a headline that crosses the wire can be a great strategy for quickly getting the attention of bloggers, industry analysts, journalists and social media influencers covering a topic or beat. I likely would have read this news if I was an influencer covering IoT when this release was issued.

Russ DeVeau SEO social media headline

Influencing search across traditional and social media search engines is often the number one benefit of issuing news with an industry trend called out in the headline. The company visibly positioned in the IoT arena as soon as this release crossed the wire. Any coverage stemming from this news and any proactive activities the company may embark on in the future can help solidify this positioning.

Should an industry trend be highlighted in the headline of your next wire distributed content? – Russ DeVeau